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A golden age of self-publishing: How to publish your book like a pro

Do you have a book in you? Have you written a novel or have a great idea for a non-fiction book? Does it feel like getting that book published is confusing or out of reach? You're not alone! 

Instead of pursuing the traditional publishing route, self-publishing is easier and more accessible than ever. We're in a golden age of self-publishing (Fifty Shades of Grey was originally self-published, and so was The Martian) and our event host, Paul Bradley Carr, is here to demystify the process. 

In this event: 

  • Paul shares his experience with both traditional and self-publishing
  • Learn the key steps to self-publishing, including who you'll need on your team and what it will cost 
  • Learn more about YOU: How to choose the right publishing path for the book you want to publish
  • Share additional information about our upcoming course called Open Book: From Writer to Published Author in 8 Weeks, which starts on Monday, September 27