Wednesday, Jan 26 2022, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PDT

RED FLAG! The major red flags job seekers need to know

These aren't your typical red flags.

With the Great Resignation well underway, job seekers have never had more power in choosing their next position, demanding higher salaries, and requesting more flexibility.

If you're evaluating job opportunities, we have an incredible event for you. Join Katie Carlin, a California attorney with a feminist legal practice, and Genevieve K. Guertin, a Personal Injury, Employment & Civil Rights Matters attorney, as they share the major red flags you should be aware of as a job seeker. These aren't your typical red flags, like a rushed job interview or high turnover. We're talking about looking at the gender and racial breakdown of the company's senior leadership team. Do you see yourself represented? If not, it may be best to move on. 

Katie and Genevieve are just two of many experts we speak with in our upcoming 6 week course for whistleblowers called Speak Out Without Blowing Up Your Career.



Join our panelists for a discussion and Q&A about why you should speak out in your workplace and the tools you need to do so.

Katherine Carlin

Katie Carlin Esq.

A California attorney whose feminist legal practice is dedicated to reducing maternity attrition from the tech workforce and eliminating gender-based wealth disparities.

Genevieve K. Guertin

An experienced attorney who fights for the rights of individuals in personal injury, employment discrimination and civil rights matters. Genevieve approaches each case with compassion for her client, incisive analysis of the issues, and a warrior spirit in the face of challenge. A 2008 graduate of UC Hastings College of the Law, Genevieve has dedicated her career to obtaining justice for individuals injured due to negligence, workplace discrimination and police misconduct.