Wednesday, November 3, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PDT

How to raise good

digital citizens

All attendees to this event will receive a FREE guide "How to Raise Good Citizens". 

It’s no secret that screen time increased among kids of all ages over the past 19 months of the pandemic. Kids looked at screens 60% more over the past 19 months than they did pre-pandemic, which every pediatrician will tell you is unhealthy. But with parents working full-time jobs while parenting and logging into Zoom school, more screen time was a necessity for many families. We are NOT judging you if your kid has been scrolling way more frequently in the past two years!

Even if screen time returns to pre-pandemic levels, we’re still living in a digital age and kids are digital natives. They’re going to compare themselves to others on Instagram, TikTok, and every social media platform that comes next. They’re going to stumble upon misinformation that they don’t quite understand. They’re going to see pornography that affects the way they view sex. It’s all an inevitable reality and one that should impact how we parent. 

We’re joined by Catherine Connors, one of the OG Mommy bloggers who has written about and studied the impact of the Internet on kids, as well as Adimika Arthur, co-instructor of our upcoming 7-week course Raise Better Humans, which starts on November 15. 

In this event, we will cover:

A week by week guide to dismantling bias



Catherine Connors
Catherine Connors, Writer, social theory scholar, parent

A writer and social theory scholar whose academic work looked at storytelling as a force for shifting cultural perspectives on women and girls. Catherine was a pioneer in the first big wave of women’s online storytelling, with her award-winning blog Her Bad Mother, (named one of TIME Magazine's 25 Best Blogs in 2012). She went on to become Editor in Chief and Head of Content for The Walt Disney Company’s interactive division, overseeing its entire online portfolio and stewarding a community of leading digital storytellers. She has personally mentored dozens of practicing and aspiring writers, and stewarded the storytelling of showrunners, screenwriters, graphic novelists, memoirists, and scholars. The co-author of the critically acclaimed The Feminine Revolution, Catherine’s upcoming publications and works-in-progress include Citizen Princess: Femininity, Leadership, and the Cultural Politics of Gender, a children’s television script, and a YA novel.

Adimika Arthur

Adimika Arthur, Epidemiologist, co-instructor of Raise Better Humans, parent

Adimika Arthur is an epidemiologist, runs a nonprofit focusing on innovations in vulnerable populations, and enjoys helping people better understand health and healthcare through storytelling, connection, and culture. She is an evangelist refining the definition of sisterhood to be expansive and inclusive for impact and societal gain.